3 Signs Your Commercial Generator Is Due For Maintenance

Having a back-up generator can be a real lifesaver when running your business, the ability to keep running even when the power goes being invaluable. Yet, a generator can only be there for you if you take the time to keep it properly maintained. Luckily, generators often have rather obvious tells which indicate they need to be serviced, so you don't have to have have a working knowledge of machinery to prevent it from breaking down. Here are some simple ways to know you should probably call a repairman... 

There Are Noticeable Leaks

Regardless of the fuel that your generator uses to run, leaks are never a good sign. However, leaks are unfortunately an inevitability eventually so you should always do monthly checks on the generator to make sure none of the hoses are or drip pans or leaking. Leaks should be remedied immediately as well, as in the case of leaking fuel you very well could have a fire hazard on your hands. Likewise, your generator could end up breaking outright should the coolant line spring a leak which can cause it to overheat. Just remember, there shouldn't be any puddles near your generator for any reason.

It Seems Reluctant To Start

Generators by nature spend a lot of time lying dormant, yet they should be snappy to spring to life when you need it. Sometimes, the lack of use can take its toll on the battery however, draining it and possibly wearing down other parts. While this doesn't spell impending ruin by any means, if your generator is having a hard time starting up or even sounds strained while running it might be a good time to invest some preemptive repairs before further more costly problems arise. 

Electrical Components Are Getting Worn Out

This one does require a bit more of thorough inspection, but is still relatively easy to do on your own. You should check all the connections and wires for frays or being loose, as the generator can violently shake them out of place at times. Any sign of damage is bad, meaning that you should get the jump on damaged areas immediately. If left unfixed, wires can cause dangerous arcs when the unit is running or in the worst case, cause the generator to shut down unexpectedly to prevent damage which can leave you in the dark. 

Still, with a little know-how you can keep your generator purring for a long time or you can call a commercial generator repair service