Avoid Scary Electrical Problems At Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and lights and displays are going up in yards all over the country! Halloween may be fun, but it can also be a scary time for homeowners who neglect safety concerns with their outdoor electrical Halloween displays. These tips will help you avoid accidents and electrical fires during this spooky time of year.

Install Covered GFCI Outlet Boxes

GFCI stands for "ground fault circuit interrupter." GFCI outlets can sense changes between the input and output of electrical current running through a circuit. When the input and output become imbalanced for whatever reason, the GFCI outlet shuts down the flow of electricity. These devices help prevent electrical shock and are critically important for outdoor electrical safety. Many older homes don't have GFCI outlets indoors or outdoors. If your outdoor outlets aren't GFCI outlets, have them replaced by a certified, experienced electrician. Talk with a place like Royal Plus Electric for more information.

Protect Your Cords from Lawn Care People

If your Halloween display includes electronic ghouls and strobe lights on the ground, your yard could have extension cords running along the grass in every direction. Be sure to show your lawn people where the extension cords are to avoid accidents with the lawn mower. If possible, keep the extension cords near your home and away from the middle of your yard. If you must run an extension cord through the middle of the lawn, use extension cord covers for extra protection.

Use Outdoor Grade Extension Cords

The difference between outdoor grade extension cords and indoor grade extension cords is that outdoor extension cords have extra insulation for greater protection from moisture, temperature changes, and UV rays. They'll hold up better in your yard and that can protect you and your family members from possible electrocution.

Use Outdoor Grade Decorations

Strobe lights, fog machines, and other accessories meant for indoor use just aren't safe to use outside. Water that leaks into the internal parts of these electronic devices can result in electric shock for anyone who touches them. If you must use indoor accessories for your outdoor Halloween displays, use them under surveillance on Halloween night only. Be sure to turn off any outdoor sprinkler systems during this time, and don't use indoor grade electronic devices if there's threat of rain or dew.

Following these tips can help you have a fun and safe Halloween. For more information about how you can set up a safe electronic Halloween display in your yard, talk to an electrician.