Keep Wires In Your Home Neat And Organized With These 3 Ideas

If you are like many home owners, you deal with a lot of cords on a regular basis. From appliances to electronic devices, you are likely plugging in and unplugging multiple cords a day. That can lead to a disorganized, unsightly, tangled mess of cords in your home. Here are some things you can do to keep your cords untangled, neat and organized.

Use Bread Twist Ties and Clips

If you've ever bought a loaf of bread before, you may have noticed the little twist ties that come with each loaf that help you keep the bag closed. When you're done with the bread, instead of throwing the twist tie away with the bag, hold on to it and use them for your cords organized.

You can wrap a twist tie around a particular cord so that you know which appliance is plugged into the wall, for instance. If you wrap a red twist tie around your laptop cord, you won't have to spend time trying to distinguish it from the other cords when you're ready to unplug it and take your laptop on the road with you.

If your bread comes with clips instead of twist ties, you can use those as well. You can even use a marker to describe the cord so you know what it's for at a glance.

Use Paper Towel Rolls to Conceal Wires

In an effort to keep wires hidden and out of sight, you can use paper towel rolls. Simply insert appliance or device wires into the empty tube and plug them into the wall. Keeping them in the empty rolls will help you avoid looking at a mass of wires. If you'd rather conceal the rolls too, opt to use wrapping paper rolls that still have a bit of decorative paper on them.

Have Additional Electrical Outlets Installed

Another idea which may help you to keep your wires organized and neat is to put in more electrical outlets. Doing so will ensure that you don't overload existing outlets with too many plugs. Overloading your outlets can put your home at risk for electrical problems or even a fire, so contact an electrician to install more outlets around your home.

Now that you have some ideas that will help you with your wires, use the information laid out above to help you tame the wires and avoid mess and danger with electricity in your house. Talk to your electrician for more suggestions.

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