Interior Lighting Fluctuations: Three Potential Causes

When your home's interior lights dim, no matter how briefly, it can be a cause for concern. With the complexity of electrical systems, it can be tough to determine the source of the problem. It's important that you don't dismiss it, though, because some of the things that can cause this may be serious electrical problems. If you're noticing this kind of behavior from your lights on a regular basis, you'll need to determine the cause as soon as possible. Here are a few of the common causes of dimming lights.

Outside Power Issues

Sometimes, fluctuations in your lights can be the result of variations in the power supply coming into your home. If your local power supplier is experiencing a problem at the power plant, it could cause power surges in the house. This can be a cause for the flickering and dimming of the lights. Many electricians will start their troubleshooting by reaching out to the local power company to see if they've experienced any anomalies with the power supply in the area. This can often save a lot of further troubleshooting.

Old Wiring

The older the wiring in your home, the greater the risk you'll have of problems like this. Some homes may still have their original wiring in place many years after construction. Those older electrical panels and wiring structures just weren't designed to hold up to the electrical demand that we put on things now.

From multiple household appliances to electronic device chargers, computers and all kinds of other electronics, there's a lot of draw on your household electrical system on a regular basis. If you're seeing fluctuations in power such as dimming lights, that means you may have old wiring that is struggling to keep up. Since old wiring can increase your risk of electrical fires, it's important to address this with an electrician right away.

Loose Wiring Connections

Even new wiring can cause dimming like this if the wires aren't properly connected at the fuse box or electrical panel. Sometimes, a loose connection will cause a brief interruption in the power flow, which can lead to dimming of the lights. Luckily, this is a fairly easy repair. If you're comfortable working with the electrical panel, just shut off the breakers, including the main breaker, pull the panel forward and tighten all of the wires. If you're not confident in your electrical repair skills, you may want to have a licensed electrician, like Advantage Electric, do the work for you to be safe.