Problems With Your Ceiling Lights? 3 Things That Can Cause This

Problems with ceiling lights, such as not working at all or flickering on and off, is likely an electrical problem.  When you call a residential electrician to come to your home they will check all connections at the light switch, at the light itself, and in the breaker panel. If none of these things are the problem, below are some other things that may be causing this to happen.

Too Much Spray On Insulation

If you have recently had spray on insulation installed in your attic, the contractor may have accidentally covered the wiring that is used for your ceiling lights. When installed, professionals spray on the insulation to seal out all drafts in the area, including around the base of your ceiling lights. Once the insulation is sprayed on, it immediately expands.

When it covers up the electrical wiring, it cuts off the wire's conductivity. If this is the problem, the electrician will remove the hardened insulation that is covering the wires, and then replace the wiring if it is faulty.


You may have rodents in your home, such as mice and rats. If so, they often chew on the plastic that covers the wires. They use this plastic to make nests in your attic or inside your walls. Your electrician can tell very quickly if you have this problem, as they will see holes in the insulation and rat/mice feces.  The electrician will replace all wiring that the rodents have chewed on.

You may also have rodents somewhere in your home, such as the kitchen, as they will come down looking for food. Put some mouse/rat traps wherever you suspect you have them, including in the attic. Check the traps every few days, discard any dead rodents, and reset the traps again. If you continue to have this problem, hire an exterminator to remove the rodents for you.

Roof Leaking

Because the ceiling lights are right below the roof, there will be some wiring that is not covered by insulation. This is why the problem could be due to a leaky roof. When water comes in contact with the electrical wiring, it will short circuit the lights and cause them to not work at all. This problem is very dangerous, as when the wires short circuit, they will spark, which could cause a fire. You may be able to fix the leaky roof yourself, or you can hire a roofing contractor to do this for you.  

Do not use the ceiling lights that you are having problems with until you have an electrician determine what the problem is.