How To Care For Your LED Lights

The great thing about LED lights is that they do not require as much maintenance. However, to make sure that your LED lights continue to function property, you will need to take a few measures to keep them well-maintained. They will also need to be protected from further damage.

Avoid Bumping LED Lights

Avoid having too much contact with the LED lights. These lights can be very delicate, and too much contact makes it easy for them to become damaged. For example, do not place the LED lights near the stairs. The lights should not be stored in locations that have a high amount of traffic. The more that the LED system is touched or bumped, the more likely that it will experience a fault. If you must place your LED lights near a high traffic area, you must have a way to protect them from being bumped.

Limit Contact With Moisture

Like with all lighting, you must limit the exposure to moisture. LEDs can occasionally be exposed to moisture, but too much exposure can cause the system to fail and will also cause the adhesives to fail to stick. Quickly dry the LED when it comes in contact with moisture.

Some manufacturers design LED that is resistant to moisture. These are ideal for outdoor locations where your LED lights can get wet. However, these should not be submerged in water.

Dust The LEDs Periodically

LED systems need to be dusted periodically. This will require a soft and dry microfiber cloth. This ensures that there are no materials that will be caught on the microfiber cloth and will scratch the LED. Dusting the LED lights is essential because the dust that coats the LED would otherwise gradually corrode and ruin them.

Check The Connection Points Regularly

The connection points need to be checked regularly to make sure that they have not come loose. When the LED is failing to turn on or is flickering, this is a sign that the connector is not securely fastened. If so, simply screw the LED so that it becomes more secure.

Do Not Use Corrosive Cleaning Agents

If any corrosive cleaning agents come in contact with the LED lights, it will potentially damage them. Therefore, you only want to use gentle cleaning agents to clean your LED lights.

Each of these steps can be performed weekly when performing your regular cleaning activities. Doing so will ensure that they last a long time before having to be replaced. For more information and tips for LED light care, contact local electricians, such as those at JF Electrical Contractors, Inc.