3 Great Reasons To Get Your Generator Serviced Now

Some people own generators, but they do not get them serviced. This could result in them not being able to rely on their generators during an emergency. If there is severe weather in your area, electricians may get inundated with generator service call requests. This could leave you without power for an extended amount of time. The following are three circumstances that should prompt you to understand the importance of generator service. 

You live in or near a hurricane prone area.

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you likely got a generator for your home because it is the norm for people in your area to have one. However, it may have been several years since you have needed to use your generator, or you may have never used it due to issues never arising to cause a need. This can create a false sense of comfort, and it is one reason why people skip generator service calls.

Perhaps you live near an area that has had severe weather and evacuations in the past. You should also take generator servicing seriously because a time may come when evacuees come to your area for refuge. There have been cases of some storms extending their damage into nearby areas that weather forecasters initially thought would be safe. 

You live in a remote area that is not considered part of the city limits in your jurisdiction.

This situation would warrant routine generator service because living in a remote area could mean that you have to go longer without electricity than other people. Sometimes accessing remote areas is more difficult for power company workers, and they may resort to restoring power in these areas last due to other issues such as the number of people affected by the outage in the remote area. Having a working generator would ensure that you have power during the waiting period. 

You have a family member who has medical issues.

Sometimes power outages occur even if there is not inclement weather. For example, an old tree could fall on a power line and cause an outage. People with certain medical illnesses may not be able to go for long periods of time without working electricity. Some of the machines they rely on require electricity to operate. This is one reason why most healthcare facilities have backup generators. Keep in mind that healthy elderly people and children may also be negatively impacted by power outages during extreme temperatures. Getting your generator serviced may protect your loved one from a dangerous situation. 

You own a generator, and it needs to work when you need it. An electrician, like one from Powell's Electric Service, Inc., is a good resource to use for more information on the importance of generator servicing. They can advise you of the appropriate maintenance schedule and likely send reminders when you are due for your next generator maintenance.