Reasons Your Outdoor Light Has Stopped Working

If your outdoor light suddenly stops working and changing the light bulb doesn't fix the problem, you may be at a loss about what to do. Different things can cause an outdoor light to stop working, but one thing's for sure. You want to have it repaired quickly so you don't have to unlock the door in the dark. Here are some possible causes of outdoor light trouble.

The Light Fixture Is Bad

If the light is old, it could be the fixture that's bad. Outdoor lights are subject to temperature swings and high humidity. It might even have squirrels and raccoons climbing on it that caused damage. If the light is plugged into an outlet, try plugging in a new light to see if the outlet works. If the new light comes on, then you know the problem is with the old light. Outdoor lights are often wired directly into the wall, and if that's the case, it may be more difficult to uncover the cause.

The Switch Isn't Working

If the switch operates any other lights or outlets in your home, turn on the switch and test to see if it turns on power to the other light or device. If not, you might have a faulty switch. An electrician can test it with a voltage meter to tell for sure if the switch isn't working. If the switch is okay, then the problem might be in the wiring from the switch to the light. Since the wiring is hidden from view, you won't be able to see the condition of the wires. Some danger signs to watch for include the smell of burning plastic, smoke, and the wall feeling hot to the touch. These are signs of a possible electrical fire and you'll want to call the fire department right away.

The Breaker Is Off

It's also possible the circuit breaker flipped off. Check your electrical panel for a flipped switch. If you know which one powers the outdoor light, flip it off and back on again to see if that fixes the problem. If it does, you'll want to monitor the light closely. Tripping the circuit might not matter if it happens once, but if it happens again, that could be a sign of an electrical malfunction that needs to be repaired.

It's frustrating when your home has electrical problems because those are not usually DIY repairs. However, you'll probably want an outdoor light fixed as soon as possible, so call services such as Thompson  Electric Inc to diagnose the problem and get your light burning again.