Considerations To Discuss With An Electrical Contractor When Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovating your old kitchen takes a lot of work and planning. If you'll be knocking out a wall and adding a kitchen island for more counter space, you'll also have to think about how to redesign the wiring so the island has power. If your current kitchen is old and has its original wiring, then your entire electrical system may need to be updated. You'll want an electrical contractor to design the wiring and electrical plan so it is installed properly. Here are some considerations for new wiring.

Wiring To An Island

An island that has electrical power is more useful than one where you can't plug in any kitchen appliances. You may even want an oven or cooktop installed that needs an electrical hookup. Electrical codes have regulations on where an outlet can be installed on an island, how many outlets are needed, and how they're installed. If the island has a sink, the outlets need to be a certain distance away, and countertop outlets usually require GFCI protection. Also, consider the types of appliances you'll be using on the countertops. Things like toaster ovens and grills often have short cords, so you want outlets positioned properly for ease of use.

Dedicated Circuits Required

If your old kitchen never had a wiring update, then you may have been overloading some circuits. An electrician updates electrical components according to current codes, and that might require adding new circuits to the electrical panel. The stove and refrigerator need their own circuits, and the microwave, garbage disposal, and dishwasher may need their own as well. Plus, your outlets might require different amps of power since a microwave needs more power than overhead lighting.

Placement Of Lights

Lighting is very important in a kitchen. You want to see well when preparing food and lighting adds to the décor of the space. Pendant lights, recessed lights, and under-cabinet lights all add to the ambiance of the room. Figuring out how to place the lights so you get the best results and even illumination can be tricky. Lights that are too far apart may form individual pools of light rather than even lighting across an island or countertop.

While electrical upgrades are handy in other rooms of your home too, an efficient electrical system is crucial in a kitchen so you can use multiple appliances without tripping a circuit, and so you can use appliances safely in an area with the potential to be wet. Plus, when your outlets and wiring are brought up to current standards, you can buy the latest appliances and technological equipment and know you'll have the power and outlets needed to operate them.